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Using embryonic stem cells from frogs, scientists have created living robots; called xenobots, these organisms are able to heal after injury and could be the future of drug delivery.

A 1mm wide living robots called ‘xenobots’. By using cells, It could move, heal after injury and after seven days, die and completely biodegrade. These new organisms could be used in the future to deliver a drug payload to a specific area in a patient.

 “They’re neither a traditional robot nor a known species of animal. It’s a new class of artifact: a living, programmable organism.”

It’s a step toward using computer-designed organisms for intelligent drug delivery.

The primary advantage of using living cells is that when they die, they generally fall apart harmlessly and they can also heal themselves. “These xenobots are fully biodegradable, when they’re done with their job after seven days, they’re just dead skin cells.

This development will be used to target and treat disease in the future. Xenobots could be used to clean up radioactive waste, collect microplastics in the oceans, carry medicine inside human bodies, or even travel into our arteries to scrape out plaque.


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