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It is necessary to state that apart from the technology shifts we’ve experienced in farming such as developing processes for crop modification, there will be a very unique shift regarding how we deal with crop health in the first place because since the 4.0 generation of technology has come out, the possibilities of utilizing concepts such as Biotech, Digital Twin and Precision Agriculture can be endless.

Just like Biotech was able to disrupt one of the most “stubborn” industries out there such as Healthcare by executing tests and experiments on altering human DNA in order to find a method of preventing life-threatening diseases from affecting our population, the very same concept can be applied and combined with AgTech. By utilizing crop monitoring and optimization software that is now readily available across the US, we can use Biotech in order to monitor crop health, alter plant DNA and find a way to make the crops immune to diseases that put a cap on the overall productivity of crops.


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