Chairman’s note

It has been my passion and work for almost a decade to gather together Entrepreneurs from across the world and ultimately helping them to collaborate, innovate, and grow.

Marketnext is truly the unique global community of Entrepreneurs and innovators, and our motto, beyond borders, is as relevant today, if not more, as it was when it was first created. Our global community and my team and I have worked hard to create aim to deliver maximum value-added benefits with the purpose of encouraging our members to connect together (both physically and virtually), collaborate, innovate, challenge, and learn from each other. My mission is to help them demonstrate their value to People, Business, and Society.

This is a time of uncertainty, we have been faced with many challenges and we have emerged stronger and with a deeper purpose. We will face this challenge together and we will be stronger than ever, together.

Shine Gopal
Executive Chairman & Managing Director / IMark Global

We are all close together

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