Most frequent questions and answers

How do I join or renew membership with Marketnext?

If you are joining Marketnext Community for the first time, please follow this Application link.
If you are renewing your Marketnext Community membership, please follow this Renewal link.

What makes Marketnext valuable to its members?

Marketnext nurtures entrepreneurship and innovations, providing a network for partnerships, matchmakings, cross border collaborations among entrepreneurs, corporates, Government Organizations, investors, exceptionally professional consultants from around the world.

Who are Marketnext members?

Marketnext members are leaders in Entrepreneurship and Innovations. Marketnext focuses on the strategic-level cross border collaborations, matchmakings, partnerships,  comprehensive internationalization, and global expansion opportunities.

Who can join Marketnext?

Marketnext welcome collaborators: incubators, large research institutions, startups, SME’s,  entrepreneurs, investors, technology companies, mentors, consultants, etc.

What are the benefits of Marketnext membership?

Marketnext works with entrepreneurs, technologies, innovations into dialogue with their  prospects around the world that create the unique fabric for them to create new opportunities and foster economic development across the world. Whether you’re thinking of commercialising your products, or starting a new venture,or opening in a new country, raising capital, Marketnext  is your jumping off point, your entry to global entrepreneurship and innovation.

Some benefits of membership include:

  • Extensive networking and dialogue within the community around the world
  • Connect with potential partners, customers, suppliers, distributors, investors etc  
  • Participation in Bizconnect series
  • Participate in Online Training/Workshop sessions  
  • Commercialize your products through our various sub-platforms
  • Complimentary subscription to our periodic electronic Marketnext Bulletin  
  • Your Logo Placement on platforms for Maximum Brand Recall  
  • Access to the members-only social community of Marketnext, an active forum for discussion of mutual interests and issues 
  • Eligibility to apply for Marketnext programs such as Bizconnect (Webinars), Expand Series (Global Market Entry), Innomeet (Innovations Meet), Investors Meet etc  
  • Substantial discounts on Marketnext’s service network – consultants, mentors etc from around the world  

What is the fee for Marketnext membership?

  • Marketnext Premium Membership for Organizations (MPMO) : $500 annual for companies, SMEs etc  
  • Marketnext Premium Membership for Individuals(MPMI) : $300 annual for incubators, consultants, mentors etc who want to hold membership with Marketnext. There is no limit to the number of additional individual memberships registered under each organization.

I signed up for Marketnext membership. When does my membership get activated?

All eligible memberships will be activated once Marketnext receives payment. Please allow 3 business days for processing after Marketnext receives payment; this applies to all membership types.

Does an organizational membership mean that anyone at that organization belongs to Marketnext?

Yes, an organizational membership is connected to the organization where anyone Representing the organization can be a part of it.

I forgot my username and password. How do I find it?

Member usernames are generally sent across to the members via e-mail post signup. If you do not remember your username or password, please email info@marketnext.org for more information.

Do my membership benefits take effect immediately?

Please allow 3 business days for Marketnext to process your application after your payment has been received.

What is my Marketnext member number?

Marketnext does not issue member numbers. Memberships are identified by e-mail address and/or name or organization.

How do I change my contact information with Marketnext?

You can easily update your profile online. 

Can I cancel my membership?

No, Marketnext membership cannot be cancelled/ refunded/ transferred.

I’m a paid member but I’m not receiving e-mails from the Marketnext Community.

Sometimes an e-mail alias is used to set up an account. Our system only recognizes exact e-mail address attached to the account. If you find you are not receiving e-mails from Marketnext, please contact info@marketnext.org.

What if I have membership questions not answered in the FAQs?

Email info@marketnext.org or call 91-628-215-7414 (IST – Indian Standard Time).


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