Growth & Commercialisation

Marketnext provides a range of services for innovative companies seeking to commercialize new technologies globally. We conduct detailed market evaluations and we define optimum research, regulatory, reimbursement and market-entry strategies.

For early stage companies we provide commercial and market insights to support product development. We can also assist with portfolio prioritisation and partnering. For late stage companies, we have a proven track record in new product planning, start-up development and identifying the right commercial partners.


Whether your product is pre-clinical, pre-market or in-market, we can help you evaluate and optimise value.

  • Market Evaluation
  • Market analysis
  • Forecasting
  • Market Research
  • Advisory boards
  • Competitive Pipeline Analysis
  • Pricing and Reimbursement Considerations
  • Channel to Market Analysis
  • Reality Check


Marketnext provides a range of partnering services for our clients. Companies either have or are looking for technologies (known as assets). Partnering is the process by which an asset is sold or licenced.The partnering process can involve searching for partners with capabilities to commercialise the asset. Or looking (often known as scouting) for assets for companies that have existing capabilities to add to their portfolio.

1.Desk top Research

  • Market research to identify potential candidate partners
  • Estimate market potential and build a business case
  • Screening of partner business model and portfolio to confirm strategic fit

2.Initial outreach

  • Contact potential partner to explore interest in opportunity
  • Follow up activities including exchange of non confidential information

3. Due diligence & negotiation

  • Set up virtual data room with all relevant information
  • Manage exchange of Confidential Information and support due diligence questions
  • Development of term sheet and draft documentation
  • Support negotiations through to final agreement

4.Close and handover

  • Execution of final transaction documents
  • Transfer of information to relevant project managers.
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