Innovation partnership


The Innovation Partnership Programme can help you to take your business to the next level. Marketnext can help your company to access the latest skills, expertise technologies and innovations from our large pool of innovators.

The Innovative Partnership programme

Our Innovative Partnerships programme is run by our global team of experts dedicated to helping companies with to connect with latest technologies and innovations. We engage them with innovative companies that are pushing the boundaries of technology and solving the world’s big problems, and assist them in finding their markets. We can help connect you with the right people, businesses, agencies, research organisations and universities.

A collaborative approach

While the programme is led by us, we have various industrial partners and governmental agencies to support us. We are more interested in agritech, deeptech, digital technologies, health technologies, high-value nutrition and fintech. However Innovative Partnerships isn’t restricted to just these areas.We are keen to discuss transformative technology areas and emerging sectors, as well as emerging challenges for the economy, environment and society. 


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