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Robotic Company Seeking Marketing Partners


Leading Indian Robotics looking for distribution networks across Africa, South America, Asia, etc.

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Indian Robot

Human-size fully autonomous service robot with AI.
Configuration: Dexterous
the humanoid torso on wheels.

Technology under the skin

  • Personal Assistance
  • Navigation, Tracking, Synthesis, Manipulation, Grasping
  • Engagement
  •  Entertainment
  • Navigation, Speech and Command/Prompts.
  • Display Interface, Apps, Audio, Video
  • Safety and Security
  •  Person Tracking and Alerts.
  • Surveillance
  • Computer Vision, Wifi Confidential

Features (Healthcare customized)

  • 24/7 Monitoring
  • Dispensing Food & Medicine.
  • Patient Engagement
  • Support for walking and Fall Assistance
  • Crisis Alert System.
  • Remote Access

Competitive Advantages

  • Human Form Factor.
  •  Appearance.
  • Capable Manipulators.
  • High Customizability due to modular hardware and layered software architecture
Floating Robot
Floating Robot is the most versatile swimming robot in the world. Use it any pool size or shape, with or without the floating battery. Have complete freedom from the chores of pool cleaning. The Pool Robots possess the robotic sixth sense for minimal interaction between humans and technology providing huge benefits in time and effort



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