SMEs are critical to a thriving economy. At  Marketnext we have practical experience of helping smaller companies achieve their ambitions for growth, both working with them directly and providing support through government-funded programmes. During that time we have developed a set of fast and effective workshop-based interventions which have been used with more than a thousand organisations. 

A business strategy that works – and keeps on working

Our fast and effective approach to developing business strategies results in a clear vision for the future of the business, a shared understanding of which markets and product groups to focus on, your competitive position within those markets and a prioritized set of capability development projects.

Support for start-ups

If you are involved in an early stage technology start-up or a university research laboratory spin-out and are bringing a new and disruptive technology to market, we can help you develop an exploitation strategy and foster industry-university research collaborations.

If you are an SME or start-up and would like to work with us directly please do get in touch. Apply for our Startup Development program