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Marketnext is a platform for Global Entrepreneurship & Innovation.

We are a global ecosystem which enables entrepreneurs to grow their business globally by fostering deeper cross-border collaboration and initiatives between entrepreneurs, inventors, investors, researchers, policymakers, governments, and entrepreneurial support organisations. Marketnext creates more opportunities, advice individuals, accelerate innovation and fuel economic growth.

Our Programmes

Stimulates International Trade

Go Global Consultancy

At Marketnext, we use business strategies in conjunction with local and global initiatives, to significantly boost your company globally.

Start-up Incubation

We provide a natural environment, guidance & support to develop and grow a business globally. The main purpose is to foster young firms, new technologies and products.

Go Global Acceleration

Go global acceleration programme support and help start-ups to expand their business plan to globally. We leverage products with structured paths for scaling up.

Our Platforms

Business platforms to boost your global business

Platform for cross border trade and procurement, start selling today

Platform for open innovation & technology scouting. Techoo helps companies to connect with latest innovations.

Funding Platform

Marketnext help start-ups to find investors according to their requirement.

Imark Ventures

As a venture development partner we collaborate with clients to create sustainable ventures

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What we do

Marketnext is a community platform for global entrepreneurship & business development, with presence in 14 countries. Marketnext connects businesses and provide a gamut of complementary services for cross border collaborations.

Our work and experience in areas of global initiatives helped us to unite our efforts in the creation of a new global community with the participation of members from various countries, including India, South Africa, Germany, Morocco, Zambia, Botswana, Uganda, Ethiopia and UK.


Global Marketing

Our platform helps you to connect your products, services and solutions to customers across the world

Market Entry Services

We help you to develop strategies for expanding/entering into a new market. Our global team will provide a wide range of services for entering a new market.

Business Match Making

We assist companies to connect with international partners for knowledge transfer, business development, technical collaborations, procurement etc


Projects & Programmes

We conduct and coordinate various programmes to develop sustainable ventures, start-up networking & other programmes.


Why Marketnext ?

As a global growth enabler, Marketnext assists companies with various advisory services including market entry services, market accelerators, global franchising, legal services, investment assistance, technology scouting, trade & procurement, Cross-border E-commerce and business consulting to help them reach various markets in Asia, Africa, Europe & America.
Growth & Commercialisation
We advise our members for growth and commercialisation of their business operate in the most rapidly growing sector in the international market.
Incubators & Accelerators

Both incubators and accelerators offer a great opportunity to help young companies and ideas for start-ups get headed in the right direction.

Market Research

Marketnext is a platform where you can search a suitable market for international expansion of your business.

Finance & Legal

We provide advisory to our members in the area of FDI(Foreign Direct Investment), international business expansion.

Venture Development

We help our members for developing/expanding their new ventures in international market.

Business Match Making

We conduct collaboration programmes for our members with the international partners for a scalable business growth.

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Our Global team

Our Leaders, Directors, Advisors & Chapter Presidents
Shine Gopal

Founder & Chairman

Sharon S

Chief Executive Officer

Sastri Ramiah

Director - South Africa

Yannis P Triantafyllou

Chapter President - Europe


We understand your requirements and provide quality solutions.

I had attended the Marketnext Event in Durban. Totally blown over,  At Marketnext there were a lot of impressive presentations and the most novel business ideas.  I learned that day that whatever you can think of that is IT related, you will find it in India.

Busi Msimanga


Our partner ecosystem

We believe in business collaboration, our partner community is comprised of management consultants, technology providers, legal experts, market researchers and solution providers all together create one of the largest and most vibrant value-added networks in the world.

Marketnext Community Members

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We understand your requirements and provide quality solutions.