MarketNext assists companies with various advisory services including market entry services, market accelerators, global franchising, legal services, investment assistance, technology scouting, trade & procurement, Cross-border e-commerce and business consulting to help them reach various markets in Asia, Africa, Europe & America.

Venture Development is a new model for the creation and cultivation of scalable ventures. IMark Global is a Venture Development company  with presence in India, Africa & Europe, We partner with governments, Investors, public & private companies and SMEs to ideate, create, invest, and scale innovative ventures of global relevance.

Market research is an indispensable part when starting a new business venture. It helps to understand potential customers in all dimensions. Our market research methodology includes real-time interactions with industry stakeholders such as potential buyers, distributors/retailers, industry associations and government bodies.

Brands are living business assets. Technology is the primary force changing the look of your business. We know that any company should have an international look and feel which is appealing to customers worldwide, before expanding to the global market. IT services are technology based functions that are provided with support and management.

(India / Africa / Middle east/ Europe)
We function as support systems necessary for setting up incubators and business incubation activities in India and Africa, for promoting and facilitating knowledge creation, innovation and entrepreneurship activities in both the countries.  

Marketnext provides a wide range of Services for companies that require global expansion. Services include International market Audit, Offshore center setup, creating proposals & business plans, FDI consulting etc.

Marketnext and its legal partners provide a wide range of legal services which includes company registration, Intellectual property rights, Joint Ventures, Mergers & Acquisitions, Taxation & Compliance, Arbitration & other legal services etc.

Market Entry practice offers a service spectrum that caters to every need of an international enterprise planning to enter India, Africa, Middle East and other markets. We identify the most suitable marketing mix to target new clients, having recourse to the prospects offered by the technological development.


Training & coaching

We provide customers with services that adapts to their specific needs and requirements to provide specialized solutions.  Our Training & coaching program is well integrated to meet the needs of growth oriented technology companies to support their global expansion objectives and export market penetration.


Custom Services

We create proper solutions and offerings.  We provide full support to the company to run a profitable business. We are providing custom solutions or offerings that can transform sales, marketing, or operation decision making systems.  We help to generate a new stream of income from your data exhaust or data assets.

Marketnext provide E-business consultancy for companies seeking ecommerce services as well as to create online businesses, or to provide business consultancy for borderless commerce. We suggest the most appropriate marketing tools to promote products and services globally, taking advantage of the vast Internet opportunities.

We specialize in facilitating business transactions and partnership opportunities, especially in Africa and India. E-procurement with the help of internet and e-mail encouraging companies to find more customers, offer products for export and heighten efficiency to compete in global markets.

Our E-commerce consulting service monitors and creates efficient and suitable e-showrooms and checkouts. We provide guidance from proof-of-concept to execution, followed by deep performance that can ensure your continued success. We can help transform your digital experiences into surprisingly great revenue generators.

Commercialization needs proper marketing. We consider production methods and volumes, the method of distribution channels to be used, marketing techniques to be implemented and review the sales and customer support requirements. A clearly thought out structured plan is required for launching a product. We analyze the offering, the product.


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