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Why Join the Marketnext Ecosystem? 

The journey of entrepreneurship is better if we work together with others who can guide, inspire, and accompany you, and we strongly believe in the magic that happens when intelligent entrepreneurs meet, where conversations spark ideas, and ideas turns into projects and ventures.

Global Mission

Our mission is to help Entrepreneurs to accelerate their growth globally with our presence in 20 countries.

Collaborative Economy

As we are entering industry 4.0, its the time for collaboration, both regionally or Globally.

Discuss your projects

Lets meet up and discuss meaningful projects and ventures of global relevance

Online Meetups

Marketnext host monthly meetups and bring entrepreneurs to a common forum; a great opportunity to meet members from 20 countries.

Industrial Clusters

Members will be added to industry clusters for more focused and result-oriented discussions which leads to new opportunities.

Incubator / Accelerators

From clusters we develop Incubators & accelerators, to create new opportunities and drive accelerated

At Marketnext, we would love to host you for the International Delegation. Grow your business in the fast growing markets!

MarketNext Services


A multi-step approach, which purely runs on the purpose of partnering and encouraging investors and entrepreneurs to form a relationship and to facilitate knowledge. Get the opportunity to interact with entrepreneurs/investors to discuss and pitch your ideas, which will help in matchmaking with your potential market and all the assistance that you’re looking for from us

Market Entry

Get the opportunity to enter a new market and connect with entrepreneurs, innovators,buyers/sellers also with new clients all around the globe to achieve business aims, and to set up powerful relations. This helps in better understanding and lets you analyse the market better before you decide to make a market entry.

Market Expansion

Expand your market further even if it is already expanded on a long scale in your existing channels. Get the chance to explore new market space with the guidance of experienced entrepreneurs. Study and analyse the existing and future markets of distribution to increase your market space.

Marketnext TV

Marketnext TV is the media division of Marketnext. You will catch up with all the latest interviews, Training sessions about new innovations, emerging technologies and so much more. Along with data, analysis and videos from around the world which helps in your day today to understand the market space and anything and everything happening around the business world.

Training Sessions

Training sessions are offered to our Marketnext Members to help them brush their skills and gain new learning .This is a great opportunity for all those who would like to learn more, increase their knowledge about any particular content. Helps to bring the best of ideas out of you.


Becoming a member with Marketnext and joining our community will have its perks.It provides you withthe chance to list products on b2b trade, be part of our Bizconnect event across the globe to matchmaking, pitch, collaborate and grow. You will be eligible to avail other commercial services at a discounted price.with that you will get a chance for International exposure to participate in the International business meets.Conduct/attend webinars for various topics in Entrepreneurship, innovation and cross border trade. Also, to be able to get featured in our MarketNext e-Magazine.


School4startups is a digital platform that delivers 100% road mapped and comprehensive training, combined with optimized tools and mentor touch points, to transform an idea into a validated business model and to scale it.The Startup Entrepreneurship course will equip you with an entrepreneurial mindset and capabilities to create, launch and grow your start-up, family firm or a project-leading role within an organisation.

B2B Trader

An online platform for Bulk buyers and sellers to source and sell products from across the globe. B2b Trader is a digital B2B platform, aiming to be a comprehensive international trade hub for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) and their counterparts. Thus, our partners can confidently network, communicate, import, and export with other verified companies and experts from all over the globe. With Export Portal, SMEs have an exponential growth opportunity – not just geographically, but within their verticals as well.

Innovation Hub

Imarktech Innovation Lab solves complex business challenges using Disruptive Innovation. Avail the knowledge of highly-rated engineers, analysts, business and technology consultants, and industry domain experts to grow and develop your business.


Techoo is a technology scouting and Open Innovation platform. It helps companies to find new technologies and innovations from a large pool of R&D firms, Universities, Startups, Innovators & inventors. Techoo also assists innovators by reaching out to the global market, to commercialize their innovation.

IMark Innovation Center

“An Innovation Center is a cross-functional plan that creates a safe haven for new ideas. With opportunities for individual and group collaboration across time zones and continents, it’s a place that fosters a culture of innovation through the creation, sharing, and testing of ideas.”

Innovation is the creation, development, and implementation of a new product, process, or service, with the aim of improving efficiency, effectiveness, or competitive advantage.

We are trying build a network of innovation centers in different locations of the world where global entrepreneurs can connect and collaborate.

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Marketnext events

Marketnext events

Discover our events that will allow you to strengthen the links between the different members of our company

Bootcamp at Kerala University

Marketnext TV Updates


Community Boardrooms

Join our private forum to share your ideas, desires
and work with all members.

Our Global Leaders

Customers reviews
Marketnext is creating value to people by connecting & networking as a trusted global community.

Seun Onakoya
Serial Entrepreneur, Nigeria
Iam very happy to be a part of Marketnext, thanks to the team for all the support for connecting us to Africa market.

Ashwin Mathew
Director Awateknik , India
Have attended the Marketnext Events in Africa.Totally blown over, At Marketnext there were a lot of impressive presentations and the most novel business ideas.
Busi Msimanga
We had done many activities in South Africa & looking forward for the next delegation

Indrani Govender
CEO, Ricinz Construction, South Africa
Marketnext is connecting global markets, our company had ventured into several projects with the help of marketnext
Sastri Ramiah C.A
Founder- Olive Group, South Africa
I have participated in several emeets of Marketnext, its helped us to connect with global clients.

Vinod Chacko
Founder & CEO, Flexicloud

We are all close together

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